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Comfortable. Protective. Easy-to-use.

A one-piece outfit with reverse zipper design.

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Designed to solve challenges associated
with personal care

ZipperOn's patented reverse 4-zipper design, allows the carer to provide efficient, comfortable, and dignified care with minimal disruption to the wearer. 

Benefits for the wearer

  • Minimal disruption during brief changes
  • Quick and easy changes for those resisting care
  • Encourages better sleep
  • Soft, cozy, and comfortable
  • Efficient access to treatment area
  • Helps keep incontinence product in place

Benefits for the carer

  • Time saving - easier access to incontinece product
  • Cost saving - reduces excess bed and garment changes
  • Minimizes unscheduled showering and re-dressing
  • Eliminates unnecessary housekeeping, cleanup and laundry
  • Improved Health outcomes - less unintentional tampering with incontinence product leading to infections, scratching etc.

What a wonderful product! 

Staff, especially night shift are so pleased with ZipperOn. They keep thanking me for this wonderful product that has improved everyone’s life so much. 

From any angle you can unzip and change a resident. There’s enough space and enough freedom to change and re-apply the brief without disturbing the resident. As a result, residents are sleeping better and are more alert and awake during the day. 

Staff are very happy with this product. It’s all they could talk about for weeks!

Director of Care, Long Term Care Home Toronto.

“ZipperOn is a durable, lightweight one-piece garment that makes brief changes much faster and easier. The zippers are subtle and non-intrusive to the wearer making the garment very comfortable. 

When a person wears ZipperOn, along with the right brief, frequent night changes are not necessary thus promoting healthy sleep hygiene. This product effectively prevents a person from accessing their briefs thus protecting a person’s overall hygiene. ZipperOn helps to decrease wet bedding throughout the night eliminating time, effort and costs involved with frequent laundering of bed sheets and sleepwear. 

I would highly recommend this product as a comfortable, non-intrusive and a dignified hygienic alternative to frequent accidents.”

KW Habilitation

The Story of ZipperOn

As a registered nurse visiting congregate living settings across Canada and internationally for 10 years, I have first hand experience with incontinence care and its unique challenges. I have also spoken to numerous healthcare providers and family caregivers who are frustrated with inadequate resources for providing peri care in a way that maximizes comfort, dignity, and efficiency. I was determined to find a solution.

Inspired by insights from older adults, personal support workers, nurses, and experts in long-term care, I have designed a garment that optimizes continence care for both carers and wearers.  ZipperOn is a one-piece cozy fabric garment with 4 zippers oriented downwards between the legs for quick and easy access to care. This is an ideal product for those: wearing incontinence products, receiving wound care, experiencing pain, or displaying responsive behaviours.

Testing ZipperOn yielded amazing results. ZipperOn is a revolutionary solution!

Staff and carers are thrilled at the ease and speed with which they care for their ZipperOn wearer. By simply unzipping the product to access the area requiring attention, care is targeted to that area without the need to undress and dress. It encourages wearers to sleep longer in comfort. It is easy to put on from the front or back. With ZipperOn, the time required for caregivers to check and change is greatly reduced. ZipperOn provides easy access for staff providing wound or post-surgery care. Those living with severe long-standing infections (sepsis) due to tampering and smearing are now infection free because of ZipperOn.  

This is just the beginning. I am passionate about dignified incontinence care and promoting quality of life for older adults and those with special needs.

Are you looking for innovative solutions for incontinence care in your care setting? Send me a note, I would love to connect with you!

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Ruth Naismith, RN 
ZipperOn Inventor and CEO

Diagram of ZipperOn with zipper closedDiagram of ZipperOn with zipper partially opened

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ZipperOn?

The ZipperOn design is a patented and revolutionary product.

Because the zippers converge between the legs, wearers requiring incontinence product changes or peri-care, can be quickly, easily and comfortably changed with minimal disruption. This is an ideal product for those: wearing incontinence products, struggling with challenges related to wound care, pain, or responsive behaviours.

The patented ZipperOn design eliminates the need to undress and dress the wearer during care. With ZipperOn, the time required for caregivers to check and change is greatly reduced. ZipperOn provides a cozy and comfortable alternative to a hospital gown or pyjamas.

By simply unzipping the product to access the area requiring attention, care is targeted to that area. Staff and carers are thrilled at the ease and speed with which they care for their ZipperOn wearer.

Fabric Details

The winter weight, cozy fleece ZipperOns, are a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. Garments are all pre-shrunk, considered easy care and may be laundered in both commercial or home machines. It is always best to dry the garments on a lower setting to encourage garment longevity.

The all season ZipperOns are 100% cotton. They have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk. However, as with all pure cotton items, there may be some additional minimal shrinkage after laundering. It is best to launder in warm water with mild detergent and dry on a low to medium setting.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please email us at info@zipperon.com and we will be happy to assist. 

How do I determine the right size and fit?

The generous fit of ZipperOn allows for flexibility of fit depending on needs and preference.

Some wear ZipperOns for care and comfort while for others, the garment facilitates quick and easy incontinence product changes. There are some that prefer a snug fit as it helps prevent the wearer from dislodging their incontinence product.

1. Wearers wanting easy access and a comfortable fit 

ZipperOn provides quick and easy access for personal care and changing of incontinence products. 

For wearers with health challenges such as: palliative care, contractures, chronic pain, a product that is too tight may be uncomfortable for sleeping and easy movement.

See the size guide for recommendations (coming soon).

2. For wearers with responsive behaviours.

ZipperOn by reason of its design, discourages the wearer from accessing or removing their incontinence product. If this is the goal, less ease around the chest is important so the wearer cannot as easily access their brief/pad by easing their arms into the body of the garment through the armhole openings.

Sizing measurements allow for several inches of ease.

ZipperOns gather/taper at the ankles while incorporating room for swelling or thicker ankles. Many wear the products as sleepwear and others who are mobile wear their ZipperOn with footwear. 

If you are at all unsure of sizing or have questions, please contact ZipperOn directly.

How many ZipperOns should I buy?

For in home use, it has been suggested that two ZipperOn’s is sufficient. This allows for the laundering of one ZipperOn while the other is being worn. Having a spare on hand is helpful.

If the wearer lives in a congregate setting, two ZipperOns may be sufficient assuming a quick turnaround time for laundry. For extra peace of mind and readiness, some choose to have a third one on hand "just in case".

What if I am buying outfits for a loved one in a care home and there are others there who are also wearing ZipperOns?

The  ZipperOn label is designed with space to clearly identify the name and room number of the wearer. It can easily be labelled with a permanent marker or an iron-on label.

How/where are our products made?

ZipperOn is proudly Canadian and is located in Markham, Ontario. 

We firmly believe in supporting local businesses.

All our fabrics are manufactured and sewn in the Greater Toronto Area.

ZipperOn’s zippers are supplied from the industry leader, YKK, located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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